Being in a rock band can feel like a blur of sweaty solos, mosh-pits, and burritos; but our goal has always been clear: to make art that speaks to people. The songs we create are stories that help to navigate this chaotic modern world. We feel that if our music truly connects with people, we can build a strong community of tolerance and healing. Excuse Me’s contemporary sound is the result of our five distinct musical backgrounds. When we write songs, we constantly draw upon our past experiences to bring unique stories to life. Ultimately, we want to change the world and have fun doing it, but we’d settle for some good tunes and loving fans Show Notes: Two EP’s in 2018 Writing Music Together Their 1st Bra Cheese Dance Guest Social: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Spotify: Youtube: Sponser Links: Producers Social: WSJS Instagram: Personal Instagram: Lost Arts Instagram: Lost Arts Facebook: Lost Arts Youtube: Scioli Photography Facebook: Scioli Photography Instagram: Theme Music Credit: Motherlode Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License