PLANTS is a alternative hard rock band from Stratford, Ontario. Formed in 2014, vocalist/guitarist Sam Love, guitarist Brad Zoeller, bassist Max Santandrea, and drummer Ethan McCarroll began as a cover band, covering their favourite pop-rock hits from the 90's, and energetic, riff driven rock songs, playing to crowds at the local Stratford Legion. After gaining a steady following of fans over three years and being driven out of each other's houses for practice time, PLANTS looks onward to blending their creative minds together to create unique original music. With a writing process that involves all four members, each member is able to incorporate their influences within PLANTS original music. Guest Social: Facebook: Instagram: Bandcamp: Youtube: Spotify: Producers Social: Website: WSJS Instagram: Personal Instagram: Lost Arts Instagram: Lost Arts Facebook: Lost Arts Youtube: Scioli Photography Facebook: Scioli Photography Instagram: Theme Music Credit: Motherlode Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License