WSJS Ep. 17 - Perfect Limbs

Perfect Limbs is a metalcore/ Melodic Hardcore band from the Burlington/ Oakville Ontario area. Meeting some of there members on Craiglists & Kijiji Perfect Limbs has been on a steady climb since 2014. Jumping over the hurdles of being teens in a very tight-knit scence, Perfect Limbs have more than proven themselves since the release of their debut 'Tunnel Visions' in 2016. With the release of their latest single 'Detach' the boys in Perfect Limbs have proven that their sound continues to evolve and they are here for the long haul. 

In this Episode we started the the beginning of the band, the opportunity they had of playing a date of Warped Tour, Recording process of their first EP as well as their current situation in the pursuit of putting out new music & of course so much more! 

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