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WSJS Ep. 33 - Charlie Weber

Charlie Weber is a Folk Rock artist from London, ON. Winning hearts and gracing stages since 2013, his perfect blend of Canadian inspired folk tunes keep his content close to home and let his Punk & Rock ballads sing out true. He pushes the limits of entertaining audiences with only his voice, harmonica and acoustic guitar. Having toured across Canada performing hundreds of shows in his short career, Charlie Weber is a name to look out for.

Show Notes:

Frank Turner

Solo vs Band

Making a live show, a unique experience

EPs vs LPs

Tour Horror Stories

So Much More

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WSJS Ep. 26 - Esther's Family *RETURNS*

Lliam Buckley returns! Esther's Family is back with stories from the slot at 2018's Prestige's Summerfolk Festival. How they almost didn't make due to their car breaking down. Ofcourse we talk about their new EP "High Fantastical" and the struggles of Mixing your own music.

Much more from Lliam! Check out Esther's Family via the links below!

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WSJS Ep. 23 - Greg Smith

Greg has been a good friend of mine for a very long time. We played in a band briefly together in highschool, despite that not working out we, grew musically alongside one another through our formative years. Greg established a fanbase in some European countries and is continuously working hard to spread his music and grow communities of musicians and fans alike. 


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WSJS Ep. 16 - Oh Geronimo

Oh Geronimo is an indie rock band from Burlington Ontario. Since 2012 they have released 2 albums most recently "The Sled", a follow up to 2016's "Sleep Rhythms". The songwriting on both of these records are top tier. Despite half the band departing late 2016, The band has proven that they can pull together and deliver. The Sled kicks as much ass as their debut release.

In this episode frontman Ciaran came and hung out before a house show and talked The Sled, songwriting, music videos, & the rebuilding of Oh Geronimo. 

Enjoy the episode and check out The Sled available now! 

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Oh Geronimo Exclaim!

WSJS Ep. 12 - Esther's Family

Lliam Buckley has quite the mind for Marketing as he is looking to launch his Band "Esther's Family" as a business this summer. Lliam's drive takes him to the Western Fair District in London Ontario every Saturday where he busks, gaining quite the following. We talk about Youtube Videos, Social Media Promotion and Wedding Bands.

Lliam tells us about how his dad played shows with Rush, turned down Berkley and opened the first digital multi-track (Sound on Sound) recording studio in Canada!

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