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Racquel Hardy is an electro-pop artist out of the Orangeville/ Hamilton Ontario area. Racquel has been performing under the Sages alias for a few years now since going solo from her previous project OK Sex. Sages' is on the eve of her second release "The Void". Finding some success with her debut "Strawberry Crystals". In keeping the Lo- Fi dream alive Racquel records and mixes all of her music herself. Sages has lead her to many new co-writing opportunities as well as a spot in Hamilton "plezz" band Falcon Jane.

We talked about Sages' influences, writing process, the Hamilton music scene & just finding your place in the world of Electric Pop. I definitely recommend giving her first album a listen in preparation of the release of "The Void"

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WSJS Ep. 14 - Anela & The Early Hours *RETURN*

Anela & The Early Hours are a staple in the London Indie Music Scene with one EP under the belt and a new single on the way keep your ears open, these guys will be Londons next top act.

In the episode we talk new music from The Early Hours, along with where the name came from & the writing process. We also talked about Alex’s different projects in Urban Canals, Ghosts of Invention & his new pressing company Prehistoric Pressings.

We also divert into some home invasion stories, Alex might actually be Kevin McCallister from Home Alone

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WSJS Ep. 1 - Anela & The Early Hours

Anela was the first person in MIA to force me to come out and meet people and I am forever grateful for that. We are both second years in Fanshawe's Music Industry Arts Program. We talk about things to keep in mind for 1st year and moving forward. Our summer and all sorts of fun stuff. Anela and the Early Hours released their debut album "Yesteryear" this past summer.